Megom Online

Communications platform and management of communication systems, with a double functionality, performing remote maintenance with the control system and also managing the mandatory tests required by the EN 81.28 standard, which requires checking the operation of the communication system with a periodicity of 3 days maximum.

GSM track MK-775 or MK-875 ECO

GSM modules compatible with the platform that are used to make emergency calls, support GSM lines of any operator, complying with EN 81.28, can control up to four cabins, voice communication is done with EMBI_v4 audio modules. They are based on m2m technology for data transmission.

Compatible maneuvers

The maneuvers compatible with the platform are: EM1000, EM2000 V5 or V5.1 maneuver for single-family houses, and EM4000 maneuver, in any of its versions.

Track GSM m2m Elecmegom

By installing a GSM module in the elevator, with a SIM card with voice and data type m2m, you will have a telephone line to make distress calls, access to the megomOnLine platform, test control according to EN 81.28, remote maintenance with any of our maneuvers.

Minimal resources

To establish contact with the elevator through the megomOnLine platform, it is only necessary to have an internet connection and a device that allows browsing the network, computer, tablet or smartphone, being able to establish multiplex connections simultaneously.

Security for your data

All your data is always protected, to access them you need the password to access your space on the platform, in addition to the password to the computer to which you want to connect.

Intercom programming

All programmable parameters in the intercom can be modified from your space in the platform, being completely configured from your office. This is valid both for EMBI_v4 intercoms (digital modules associated to Track MK-775 or MK-875), as well as for existing analog modules that are working with analog lines, such as EMBI_v1, EMBI_v3 or EMBI_Eco.

Compliance with EN 81.28

All your periodic tests will be controlled by the platform, with access to configurable reports, by date, farms, incidents, etc. These notifications are configurable depending on the degree of control that we want to be notified, test failed, low battery alarm, communication failure, power failure in the power grid.

Remote access to the maneuver and VVVF

We give you the possibility to interact with your control system from the office or any other place where you have internet access, having the possibility of remote control, telemetry and remote maintenance. With access to all the parameters that influence the maneuver and the history of faults that have occurred, you now also have access to the configuration of any of the FUJI LIFT2 family of frequency inverters, being able to remotely reset any incident of the maneuver and/or inverter.

Check the operation

In addition to seeing at all times the status of the elevator, its inputs and outputs, you will have the ability to make calls, check the behavior in certain conditions. Even in the event of a shutdown that was not caused by a blocking fault, perform a restart attempt, so that you can leave the unit running until the maintenance personnel arrive on site and find out the fault that caused the blockage.

We inform you immediately by mail, SMS or WhatsApp, you choose

The maneuver will transmit to the platform the most important events occurred, it can be configured by the client deciding the events that will be communicated immediately, in the case of a failure in the installation and be configured as automatic warning, the platform will generate an email, SMS or WhatsApp, which will send to the account or accounts configured by the user, thus anticipating the notice of the community of owners, offering the maintainer an alert service in real time.

For further information you can access the platform at this link

From here you can download the operating manual.