During the 35 years of existence of Elecmegom, the commitment to evolution, always from the vision of increasing product quality, has borne fruit, achieving greater confidence of our customers in the firm Elecmegom, is the fundamental reason that makes us stay in this dynamic of improvement, we are confident that this is the path we must pursue, achieving a very high degree of satisfaction, in a sector that every day is more convinced of the importance of product reliability.

As a guarantee of our activity, we have the Quality Management System certification (ISO 9001:2015), such certification obtained in 1998 as ISO 9001 and maintained until today, a system of continuous improvement in all our processes, design, manufacturing, verification and after-sales.

Elecmegom from its beginnings, has been characterized by the quality of its products, as well as the robustness of operation, achieved thanks to the control methods in all phases of production and commissioning of their equipment, giving great importance to its suppliers, always choosing top brands for all its manufactured, among them can be highlighted, Omron, Fuji Electric, Ziehl-Abegg, Schneider, Siemens, Wago, leading brands and references in their different markets.

Committed to the regulations in force and helping as much as possible in the preparation of the same, Elecmegom is an active member of AECAE, Association of Companies of Components for Lifting Devices.

Elecmegom is registered in the general registry of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, which certifies our company as a manufacturer of all types of electronic material, components and accessories for elevators, with registration number 1812/RG 1737.