After Sales Service

Our technical assistance department remains open from 9:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday, ready to provide assistance to any incident that may arise with any of our products, qualified personnel who can provide a quick and personalized solution so that the customer is supported in these situations.

This service can be provided in both Spanish and English.
There is also a technical support e-mail address,, which can be accessed for queries where it is necessary to share information, photos, diagrams, or other documents that may be of interest.

Training area

Because of the importance for any company, that its staff is at the highest possible level of qualification, we offer our training department to conduct courses and training lectures, both of the elements manufactured by Elecmegom, as well as those that are part of our product without being manufactured in-house, such as frequency inverters.

A training that, in view of the constant changes of elements and new products or updates of the same, makes it indispensable that the technicians have the possibility of receiving such knowledge in the clearest and simplest way, the optimal use of this training, will be transformed into a greater performance in the efforts of the personnel at the time of developing their work.


All our products have a warranty period of 2 years, from the date of delivery or shipment of material, this warranty includes the elements not manufactured by us, but that are included in the final product, such as a frequency inverter.
Elecmegom puts at your service an exclusive department to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently, minimizing the time elapsed between the reception of the damaged materials and their return.

The following items, due to their type, would be exempt from warranty for a period of 12 months: batteries, chargers and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

Damage to any product and/or accessory caused by negligence, misuse or contravention of the provisions contained in the user’s manual is excluded from the warranty.

New project studies

For our interest in the development of new technologies and the capacity to generate new applications that can be of help to our clients.
We offer the possibility of carrying out the necessary study to use any of our products, to be implemented in a project that due to its special characteristics, a standard solution is not found in the market, making a non-binding assessment of the necessary elements and offering all our support, both material and human, to carry out the project.