Manufacturers of elevator shunting and elevator components

We have the experience and technology necessary to satisfy your needs, with products designed to facilitate your work in the elevation sector, considering our customers as another department of our company in terms of ideas and knowledge, which help us in our daily work.

Now we improve remote control
of our EM4000 Maneuver

Adding the possibility to control the range of
FUJI LIFT2 drives, from the Megom OnLine platform

How can we help you?


With our customers, betting on the best suppliers that facilitate our work in the quality of all our products.

Quality by Experience

Thanks to years of experience in the lifting industry, we have managed to improve all production methods and quality to offer competitive and reliable products.

Product safety

All our products are tested and verified by qualified personnel to ensure product safety.

After Sales Service

For Elecmegom, after-sales is one of the most important services and one that customers value the most, the support during assembly or in case of any problem after assembly.

Tailor-made project

Agility, experience and resources are the characteristics we offer for any project that requires the generation of specifications different from the usual ones.


In the face of emerging technological advances, it is necessary to put all our departments to work to achieve advanced and competitive products.

What makes us different?

We are manufacturers

Elecmegom, manufacturer of shunting and elements for the elevator, has established itself as one of the most important manufacturers in the elevator sector, thanks to a long history, almost 40 years of existence, along with the shunting manufactured more than 50,000, most of them produced in the last decade, has had great support from customers.

Our product range has been growing, starting in maneuvers, and has been expanded to include all electrical elements.

Committed to quality

Elecmegom performs all its manufacturing processes, from product design to final verification before leaving the factory, controlled by the ISO9001:2008 quality system, thus ensuring maximum reliability and guaranteeing that all our products have passed the most stringent quality controls.

Betting on the future

A commitment to the future, which we have launched in our R+D+i department, new projects are being carried out, after three years of effort and investment, have reaped their rewards, projects such as the maneuver fence door, which is not necessary machine room for the maneuver, or the new platform elecmegom OnLine, remote maintenance, remote control and telemetry, which allows from any device connected to the Internet, perform these functions on any of our maneuvers.

The best suppliers for the best products