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  • The evolution of the original EM2000 controller with a long trajectory of 10 years and more than 20,000 installed operations, due to this experience, together with the needs of our customers, the new regulations, the characteristics that distinguished our previous model, the proven reliability and fundamentally the desire to improve, have been reflected in the new EM2000 V5.1 controller.
  • The technical team, together with all Elecmegom’s staff, has been involved in the development of this new maneuver, in order to achieve a unique, reliable, easy to install and, what seems to us even more important, simple to maintain product.
  • Design based on a single-plate maneuver, which can be compatible with all types of existing lifting systems, 1 or 2-speed electric, hydraulic or VVVF control either in its asynchronous motor version or gearless permanent magnet synchronous.
  • Board optimized for elevator control, including features such as battery charger, system control for A3 compliance, parameter setting directly on the control board, inspection maneuver on the board itself. integrated machine room temperature control, emergency siren output and with the same loudspeaker output for the GONG output on arrival at the plant.


EM2000 V5.1

Type Universal Selective Collective Up/Down
Coordinates 24 24 14
Multiplex maneuvers Up to four elevators operating in multiplex
Types of traction
  • Electric 1-speed or 2-speed
  • Hydraulic Direct Start or Star/Triangle Start
  • VVVF induction motors (asynchronous)
  • VVVF permanent magnet gearless motors
No machine room Synchronous and asynchronous motors

Integral cabinets, including the frequency converter

Divided cabinets, control at landing and inverter in shaft

Speed Up to 1.6 m/sec.
Emergency rescue
  • In hydraulic by means of downstream emergency valve
  • With inverter and asynchronous motors with UPS 2000VA.
  • With inverter and permanent magnet motors
    • Rescue due to decompensation 850VA
    • UPS 2000VA traction rescue
    • Both non-intervention rescues and door openings
Telemaintenance Compatible with the megom OnLine platform via the Internet.
  • Elevator Directive 95/16/EC (Lift Directive)
  • UNE-EN 12015:2005 (Electromagnetic Compatibility, Emission)
  • UNE-EN 12016:2005 + A1:2008 (Electromagnetic Compatibility, Immunity)
  • UNE-EN 81-21:2010 (Safety rules for elevators)
  • UNE-EN 81-70:2004 + A1:2005 (Accessibility standard)
  • UNE-EN 81-73:2005 (Fire regulations)
  • UNE-EN 81-28:2004 (Remote Alarm Standard)
Standards A3UNE-EN 81-2:2001 + A3:2010UNE-EN 81-1:2001 + A3:2010 Compatible with the following systems

  • Hydraulic with GMVA3 valve group (GMV)
  • Hydraulic with valve group DLV (GMV)
  • Hydraulic with DSV valve group (BUCHER)
  • Hydraulic with HSV valve group (MORIS)
  • Hydraulic with EKMI valve group (MORIS)
  • Hydraulic with valve group Oleo A3 (MP)
  • Hydraulic with valve group HDU (WITTUR)
  • Electrical with UCM limiter (GERVALL)
  • Electric permanent magnet motors permanent magnet control brake microprocessors
Emergency system Includes emergency system

  • Siren output via loudspeaker, also used for arrival GONG
  • Outlet for emergency soffit when there is a power failure on the property
  • 12Vdc auxiliary output for powering other devices such as intercoms
  • Battery charger 12Vdc
Call log Outputs for outdoor registers 24Vdc positive common individually protected against short-circuit.
  • Open doors
  • Close doors
  • Photocell
  • Overload
  • Complete
  • Fire Service
  • Independent service
  • External machine room probe
  • 3 programmable inputs for special functions.
Auxiliary outlets
  • Cabin timed lighting
  • Forced motor ventilation
  • Automatic cabin ventilation
  • Output for intercom inhibition
  • Second door operator control
Button panel signaling Multivoltage Outputs

  • Direction arrows
  • Busy
  • Available
  • Open door

Outputs 24Vdc

  • You go to the plant
  • Sense of arrival
Inspection from the EM2000 board Normal/inspection switch

Up pushbutton

Down pushbutton

EM2000 on-board help buttons One pushbutton for each cabin and outside calls

Door reopening button

NVI leveler test button

NVP Leveler test button

Siren button

* All pushbuttons with an associated LED

Programming Using the inspection buttons on the board and theLCD call buttons included on the control board
Plant indicators Single-wire control of

  • 3 EM2POS arrays
  • 6 EM2PRO matrices
  • EM2LCD vertical LCD
  • Horizontal LCD LCDHOR
  • Blue LCD graphic display MK-707
  • TFT COLOR 4″, 7″, 10″ displays
Door operator control
  • Single-phase
  • Three-phase
  • V3F (voltage signals)
  • V3F (de-energized signals)
  • Operator 24Vdc

Technical specifications EM2000 maneuver

Board supply voltage range 18Vac / 24Vac
Safety series voltage range 110Vac / 130Vac
Lighting control input voltage range 200Vac / 250Vac
Emergency ceiling outlet voltage 12Vdc (1A)
Auxiliary output voltage for other elements 24Vdc (3A)
Emergency auxiliary output voltage for other elements 12Vdc (1A)
Tension of call records 24Vdc positive common (protected against short circuit)
Voltage of luminous outputs Any AC or DC voltage

4 Amps per output

Rising light

Light lowered

Open door


Communications ports
  • Parallel (optoisolated inputs) 24 Vdc
  • RS-485 (for Megom Online platform)
  • RS-485 (with bidirectional intercom)
Mechanical dimensions EM2000 plate Width 200mm x Height 270mm x Depth 50mm.
Type of connections Plug-in clamp-type connectors (Wago)
LCD message display 16-digit two-row green LCD
Potentiometers Door opening time (3 to 14sec.)

Waiting time between calls (3 to 15sec.)

Arrival GONG volume

Configuration switches SW1 – 8 switch of maneuver configuration

  1. Universal / Selective
  2. Limitation of booth calls
  3. Electric / hydraulic drive
  4. 1 Speed / 2 Speed
  5. Fixed / flashing registers
  6. Doors closed / open
  7. 1 basement
  8. 2 basements

SW2 – 8 switch configuration switch

  1. Blocking faults or faults with 2 attempts
  2. Buzzing open door
  3. Resend
  4. Frequency inverter
  5. Re-leveling module
  6. Stop delay 50 msec.
  7. Stop delay 100 msec.
  8. Delay to stop 200 msec.

SW3 – 2 siren tone selection switch

SW4 – 2 GONG tone selection switches

Configurable parameters EM2000 V5.1 maneuvering

Programming system By means of the inspection pushbuttons on the plate and call buttons

LCD 2*16 included on the control board

Access to configuration With configurable 4-digit password
Troubleshooting menu Last 32 failures with the following data for each of them

Fault numberFault code

Floor where the elevator was located

Direction of travel or state of rest

Speed at which it was operating

Reset of the entire fault stack

Parameter programming menu
  1. Modification of plant codes in displays
  2. Magnet function (for short plant support)
  3. Definition of floor doors (configures double shipments)
  4. Forwarding Adjustment (plant, from where and time)
  5. Breakdown time 10 (travel time)
  6. Breakdown time 6 (Maximum start-up time)
  7. Call pickup mode
  8. Duplex outdoor call information
  9. Simplex outside call information
  10. Timed lighting time
  11. Parameters for cabinets with VVVF (VVVF types and rescues)
  12. Call booth information
  13. Door status voice synthesis
  14. Early pre-opening of cabin doors
  15. Time to open doors
  16. Configuration of auxiliary inputs
  17. Standard A3, defines the system to be controlled by the maneuver.
  18. Leveling by one row of magnets or by two rows of magnets
  19. Range of values to actuate the temperature probe
Parameter initialization Initializes Display codes

Initializes floor doors

Initialize floor magnetsFull initialization (default parameters)

Optional equipment for EM2000 maneuvering

Multiplex Plate EM2MUL up to 4 elevators
Hydraulic power plate EM2HR for hydraulic maneuvering
Asynchronous VVVF power board EM2VFR for geared motors
VVVF gearless power board EM2VFF for permanent magnet motors
Multiplex calls up to 16 EM3ADA (Parallel calls up to 16 stops)
Multiplex calls up to 24 EM2COM28 (Parallel calls up to 24 calls)
Inspection pushbutton panel plate EM2PBR3 interconnection board in pushbutton panel
Inspection pushbutton panel METALIC inspection pendant adapted to EM2000 control system
Voice synthesizer EM2PRO Multi-language voice synthesizer* Synthesis is included in the EMBI_Eco or EMBI_v4 modules.
Brake/lever/valve rectifier EMRECT rectifier up to 3A, EMRECT12 rectifier up to 12A
Communication systems
  • EMBI_Eco Land Line Intercom
  • Track MK-775/MK-875 (Track for GSM communication)
  • EMBI_v4 cabin module for communication via gsm track MK-775/MK-875
Compatible positionals
  • EM2POS Display 3 dot matrix
  • LCDECO LCD blue reduced
  • EM2LCD vertical blue LCD
  • LCDHOR Horizontal blue LCD
  • MK800 TFT color graphic display
  • TFT MD series 4″, 7″ and 10″ color graphics displays
Load control systems VK3 Load Weigher

  • BPP Cell on the bench
  • LC Cell in cables
  • TCA Cells under cabin
  • Independent cells by SW cable

Load cells with integrated load cell in LCK cables

Voice synthesizer EM2PRO Multi-language voice synthesizer* Synthesis is included in the EMBI_Eco or EMBI_v4 modules.
Compatible frequency inverters Maneuvers for geared machines

  • OMRON/YASKAWA L1000 Inverter
  • Inverter ZIEHL-ABEGG 4CA

Maneuvers for gearless permanent magnet machines

  • FUJI FRENIC LIFT2 Inverter
  • ZIEHL ABEGG 4CS Inverter

EM2000_2V EM2000_FUJI EM2000_HD EM2000_SCM1 EM2000_ZIEHL LCD_EM2000_1 PLATE_EM2000


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