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Autonomous control system of uncontrolled movement of the cabin, according to point 7 of Royal Decree 57/2005, a device must be installed to ensure that there will be no movement of the cabin when the maneuver is at rest, this uncontrolled movement can occur by a slip of the traction cables on the pulley, With the TEMPNIV control we can detect this slippage, leaving in that case the maneuver permanently blocked, until the technical service checks the elevator, this lock is maintained even if there is a power outage in the farm, restoring the service only when an operator performs a reset of the system.

  • Autonomous operation independent of the maneuver to be controlled, it is compatible with any other on the market.
  • Minimal interconnections with the existing switchgear, switch operation signal and series signal to interrupt them when the control device is triggered.
  • It includes a magnetic detector with support to place on the limiter, it must receive an impulse for each turn that makes the limiter when the car moves, with this information will control the drift of the elevator, in the case of activating the maneuver the car in motion signal, the device to avoid blocking, must receive an impulse every so often which will be configured in the TEMP2000 circuit.
  • Configuration switches
    • 3 switches to adjust the time between pulses of the magnetic detector
    • 1 switch to configure the logic of the signals, which can be with open contacts at rest or closed.
    • 1 switch to configure the way to act in case of power failure in case the device has been triggered, it can be reset in case of power failure, or be blocked when the mains voltage returns, waiting for the intervention of technical personnel to check the installation.
  • The light signals included are:
    • Maneuver signal in operation.
    • Signal started timer 1 that counts the time between pulses when the elevator operates.
    • Timer 2 is in charge of controlling that the signal of the impulse detector is not activated for a period longer than the time established for the triggering.
    • Activation signal of the relay of maneuver blocking.
  • The information inputs are opto-coupled, avoiding voltage conflicts in the interconnections with the main controller and the connection with the magnetic detector.
  • 230Vac module power supply.


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TEMP2000 Installation Manual