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  • Autonomous system for emergency alarm, with uninterrupted power supply in case of general power failure, allows the request for help by means of a siren when the alarm button of the cabin pushbutton panel is activated, it also incorporates a 12Vdc output that will be activated when the device detects a power failure in the farm, in order to feed an emergency light, installed in the cabin, it will light up to avoid panic in the cabin, in case of a power failure.
  • The Emeraut_Autonomous device allows to install Elecmegom position indicators in cabin and/or in shaft, as many as necessary, being able to combine in an installation between the different models, with the signal of a single magnetic detector, we get to make the communication to all our displays to indicate the situation of the cabin, in all cases also show the direction in which the elevator is moving, it is compatible with our voice synthesis systems.
  • A 12Vdc auxiliary output will allow the connection of external elements that need power supply both with mains voltage and in case of emergency.
  • Compatible with the following stand-alone positionals
    • EM2POS
    • EM2LCD
    • LCDHOR
    • MK707
    • TFT Series MD
  • Compatible with the following stand-alone synthesizers
    • EM2PRO
    • EMBI_v4
  • Electronic emergency siren with 3 different selectable tones, sound emitted by a powerful 10W / 8 ohms loudspeaker.
  • The emergency device has an autonomous operation, independent of the maneuver that controls the elevator, system with integrated battery of 12Vdc/1200mAh for operation in case of lack of voltage in the network.
  • 230Vac module power supply, with led indicator of existing voltage.
  • Auxiliary output of 12Vdc/14w, for power supply of devices that must operate both with voltage in the network, as when it does not exist, you can feed devices such as bidirectional intercom, for communication with the outside by telephone.
  • Includes 1 NO magnetic detector with bracket and 12Vdc 5 watt emergency light.


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Self-contained emergency installation manual v1

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