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  • As a solution to the great demand received to update existing controllers, regardless of the manufacturer, which before the adaptation work in one or two speeds, and which need a frequency converter control, with which is achieved in addition to a precise stop, a comfort that can not give a motor controlled by a conventional system, under normal conditions would be forced to replace the entire controller, Elecmegom has successfully developed the EMADA adaptation and has been marketing since 2013.
  • It consists of a small cabinet with a frequency inverter, which is installed next to the existing one, with minimal interconnections between the two cabinets, it is achieved that the old controller gives us the necessary information to govern the inverter with all the features that a conventional controller would do, but reducing its cost by 50% over the current value of any controller on the market.
  • Its main feature is the ease with which the installation is done, intuitive and with virtually no need to modify the main cabinet, this feature along with the simple implementation of the drive, makes it an alternative to consider in communities where you can take advantage of the existing cabinet and you want to give a plus both comfort and economic improvement in the reform of the elevator.
  • The frequency inverter adds durability to the mechanical parts that make up the traction system, the machine itself, the brake, the traction cables, etc., by achieving smooth accelerations and decelerations, avoiding jerks and sudden stops that cause greater wear of mechanical parts and therefore a premature change compared to systems that integrate the frequency inverter.
  • Safe control system, subject to the elevator safety series, it will never make any movement if these are not closed, in case of a series fall while the elevator is working, the EMADA adaptation will stop immediately in a safe way.
  • In the case of a 2-speed control it is not necessary to include any position control element, since the adaptation board will work with the same signals as the control currently does, in 1-speed control, only a magnetic detector will be necessary for the plant level control.
  • So far, all of the shunts without exception, to which an EMADA has been installed, are working properly, and customers have been fully satisfied with the result, the experiences have been multiple, with different brands and models of shunts, in all cases the solution was present in the design of our EMADA adaptation circuit.
  • It performs brake control, thus achieving better synchronization between the variator and the motor, resulting in smooth starts and progressive decelerations, performing millimetric leveling on the ground.
  • In addition, it controls the opening of doors, so as not to allow their opening until the elevator is completely stopped.
  • Another of its outstanding features is that it can control without the need to add additional elements, floor positional and graphic displays to be placed in the cabin or on the floor landing, it can also control a voice synthesizer to inform in the cabin through voiceovers of the floor to which the elevator arrives.


EMADA (Adaptation to any maneuver)

Types of traction
  • Electric 1 speed
  • Electric 2 speed
Maneuver models Any manufacturer and model
Coordinates Any number of stops
Engine type Asynchronous motors with gearboxes
Speed Up to 1.2 m/sec.
Telemaintenance It is not compatible with the megom OnLine platform.
  • Elevator Directive 95/16/EC (Lift Directive)
  • UNE-EN 81-21:2010 (Safety rules for elevators)
  • Optocoupled
  • Multi-voltage.
  • Both DC and AC inputs
  • Auxiliary input for various functions
Thermistor input
  • Motor thermistor control input
Inspection entry
  • Input to operate at inspection speed
Control outputs
  • Protected control outputs to the drive
  • Control output to main contactors
  • Output to brake contactor
  • Safe enable output to the drive
  • 2 Auxiliary outputs for various functions
Programming Operation programming switches
Signal indicators Signaling of inputs and outputs by means of LEDs

  • 10 red diodes for output signaling
  • 4 green diodes for signaling of control inputs
  • 2 yellow leveling control diodes
  • 2 red power status diodes
Door control
  • Relay-controlled operators
  • Operators controlled by 2 relays or contactors
1-wire communication
  • Positional 3 EM2POS arrays
  • Positional 6 EM2PRO matrices
  • EM2LCD vertical LCD
  • Horizontal LCD LCDHOR
  • Blue LCD graphic display MK-707
  • TFT COLOR 4″, 7″, 10″ displays
  • EM2PRO Voice Synthesizer
2-wire communication
  • Voice synthesizer EMBI_v4

Technical specifications adaptation to EMADA maneuvers

Board supply voltage range 18Vac / 24Vac
Safety series voltage range 24Vac-Vdc / 230Vac-Vdc
Output voltage of general contactors 24Vac-Vdc / 230Vac-Vdc (5A)
Brake contactor output voltage 24Vac-Vdc / 230Vac-Vdc (5A)
Auxiliary output voltage for other elements 24Vdc (3A)
Communications ports
  • Elecmegom protocol 1 communication wire
  • RS-485 (with graphic displays and synthesizer)
Mechanical dimensions EMADA plate Width 117mm x Height 155mm
Mechanical dimensions EMADA cabinet Width 425mm x Height 650mm x Depth 250mm
Powers in Fuji Multi
  • 400V/4Kw
  • 400V/5,5Kw
  • 400V/7,5Kw
  • 400V/11Kw
  • 400V/15Kw
  • 230V/5,5Kw
  • 230V/7,5Kw
  • 230V/11Kw
  • 230V/15Kw
Included variator elements
  • Frequency inverter
  • Input reactance
  • Inlet filter
  • Output filter
  • Braking resistance
Type of connections Plug-in clamp-type connectors (Wago)

Configurable parameters in EMADA maneuver

Programming system By means of 3 programming switches

  1. 1-speed operation / 2-speed operation
  2. Inspection signal NO / Inspection signal NC
  3. Not applicable
internal programming Sequence of stops for non-graphical plant positionals

Sequence of stops for graphic displays

Synthesizer floor sequence

Optional equipment EMADA maneuver adaptation

Compatible positionals
  • EM2POS Display 3 dot matrix
  • EM2LCD vertical blue LCD
  • LCDHOR Horizontal blue LCD
  • MK707 Blue graphic LCD display
  • TFT MD series 4″, 7″ and 10″ color graphics displays
Voice synthesizer EM2PRO Speech synthesizer multiple languages

EMBI_v4 Bidirectional communication module with Track

Compatible frequency inverters Maneuvers for geared machines

  • OMRON/YASKAWA L1000 Inverter


em2lcd_1 em2pos_3 lcdhor synthesizer_2 vvvf_var2

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Dimensions of EMADA retrofit cabinets

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