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  • Electronic module with blue liquid crystal display for plant information, both in the cabin and outdoors, shows plant information, both numbers and letters, together with the direction in which the cabin is moving, due to its size and low cost, it is ideal for outdoor installation.
  • Monochrome LCD with blue background with high brightness white digits, long life white led backlight, visible area (vertical) 50mm * (horizontal) 48mm.
  • Operation with Elecmegom controls by means of a wire, communication bus compatible with the rest of our displays, which makes it possible to combine different types of displays in the same installation.
  • Energy saving mode, the display can be illuminated with a lower intensity when a period of time has elapsed without the elevator having made any movement, automatically activating when a call is received, it is configurable by switches.
  • It includes the possibility of configuring the floor in which it is located, so that by means of a buzzer it emits a buzzer when the call of that floor is produced and also being able to choose that the arrows that appear are arrows of sense (usual) or of presentidos, used for selective in ascent and descent, indicating the arrow of presentido only the floor to which the elevator arrives.
  • In case of overload, open door or malfunctions, it displays descriptive texts of the elevator status, horizontally rotating.

LCDHOR liquid crystal module technical specifications

Supply voltage Minimum 12Vdc – Maximum 28Vdc
Emergency power supply voltage No ceiling light function
Maximum consumption 25 mA at 24Vdc
Screen dimensions (H) 50mm × (V) 48mm
Mechanical dimensions (H) 87mm x (V) 56mm x depth 47mm.
Operating temperature -10º to 65 ºC
Brightness typ. 315 cd/m2
Operation Megom protocol maneuver mode
  • By means of 7 switches
  • Plant on which it is located when outdoors to indicate presentidos.
  • Buzzer output for acoustic recording.
  • Backlight level at rest.

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Manual LCDECO operation with control


Die-cutting drawing for LCDECO positional pushbutton panel