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  • Device that allows communication between the cabin and the outside via a GSM telephone line, can be used as a GSM link to convert a digital line (GSM) to analog line to use an intercom of any manufacturer, which only allows analog line, or as a track with our EMBI4 audio and voice device.
  • It has a telephone number for voice and an IP for data. The MK-775 supports all GSM/GPRS network carriers, whether CSD, USSD, SMS or, of course, voice. Data can be received via GSM (DTFM and TMDT©), GPRS or the Internet (UDP and TCP/HTTP).
  • It supports m2m, which guarantees a direct and simple machine-to-machine communication with a low cost for the user, being able to work with any GSM telephone operator.
  • The programming can be done by SMS, in which the parameters that we want to modify will be sent, it is also possible to perform the programming through the free platform Megom OnLine.
  • Compatibility with Elecmegom controllers through two RS-485 wires, being able to interact remotely from the Megom OnLine platform, this connection will allow you to perform telemetry, telemetry and programming on your controller, with a minimum cost due to the optimization of the communications protocol used.
  • Up to 4 elevators with 4 EMBI_v4 devices and a single MK-775 track, can be connected through a single GSM line, using CAN to perform communications between EMBI_v4 in each cabin and the MK-775 placed in one of the machine rooms, ensuring data management processes and audio quality.
  • It includes battery charger and a 600mA/h battery, allowing to supply voltage in case of mains power failure, both to the MK-775 and to the EMBI_v4 audio module connected to the equipment, the battery charge is controlled by the module, sending a message to the maintenance company when it is not at an optimal charge level.
  • It incorporates a field meter to check the coverage at all times and install the module in the location with the best signal.
  • With the new megom OnLine platform, you will be able to perform the periodic tests required by the EN 81.28 standard, having a database with all the details about the tests, reports of malfunctions or battery in bad condition, this history can be exported to a file with which you can create your own reports.

Technical specifications of TRACK MK_775 module (GSM-GPRS)

Supply voltage 230 Vac
Mechanical dimensions 205x110x60 mm.
Operating temperature 0º to 50 ºC
Scope of operation Compatible with:

  • Movistar
  • Vodafone
  • Orange
Communications bus (up to 4 cabins) Via the two CAN bus wires
Intercom with machine room With a conventional telephone connected to the telephone jack supplied with the MK-775 module
Real time clock Included, the events that have occurred are memorized with date and time.
Voice synthesis Languages available for guided programming assistance:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Italian
  • German

Allows you to record a voice message to identify the facility when you make an alarm call.

Battery status monitoring It includes a 12Vdc and 600mA/h battery, the module charges and controls the battery charge level, in case of low level a warning is sent by e-mail or SMS.
Communications ports
  • RS-485 (compatible with any Elecmegom controller)
  • RS-422
  • RS-232
  • CAN bus
Field meter Includes field meter to check coverage.
Call whitelists/blacklists Allows you to define permitted telephone numbers, preventing fraudulent use of the device.
Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs
  • Programmable auxiliary output.
  • Auxiliary input to report an event.
  • By SMS with the different commands.
  • By Internet through the Megom OnLine platform
Additional modules
  • EMBI_v4 cabin audio/voice module
  • MK819 CAN HUB module for 4 cabs
  • EM2BUS RS-485 communications module with control
  • 99/05/EC
  • 73/23/EEC
  • 93/68CEE
  • 89/336/EEC
  • EN81-28
Harmonized standards
  • EN-55022
  • EN-61000 4.6
  • EN-61000 4.3
  • EN-61000 4.4
  • EN-61000 4.5
  • EN-60950-1


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TRACK MK-775 Specifications


Wiring diagram MK-775 with accessories

Wiring diagram MK-775 with accessories

Wiring diagram MK-775 with EM2000 controller

Wiring diagram MK-775 with EM2000 controller

EMBI3/EMBI4 button panel die cutting drawing