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  • TFT color graphic display for floor information, both in the cabin and outdoors, shows information of the floor (2D or 3D) on which the elevator is located, together with the direction in which the cabin is moving.
  • Configurable to display company logo, booth capacity, area where photos will appear and possibility of internet connection to automatically change the configuration, connecting to an RSS news page, it is also possible to connect through an IP to a server of the installation and to define the screen at will as for example to modify daily the screen that informs of the menu of the day in a hotel.
  • Displays the date and time automatically updating when the winter and summer time change.
  • If connected to the Internet, it will display weather conditions and forecasts for the area where it is installed.
  • Upgradeable via SD memory card (256Mb) or USB flash drive, downloading directly from the computer the necessary configurations to modify the appearance of the screen, the photos to be displayed and the operating parameters.
  • Operation with Elecmegom maneuvers through a wire, it is also possible to operate in standalone mode, can be installed in any elevator regardless of the maneuver that controls the elevator, communications bus compatible with the rest of our displays can combine different types of displays in the same installation.
  • Energy saving mode, the display can be illuminated with a lower intensity when a period of time has elapsed without the elevator having made any movement, activating automatically when a call is received.
  • It includes a loudspeaker to make the buzzer in case the elevator is overloaded and when the outer door open time is exceeded to indicate the user to close the door, these functions are configurable and can be disabled.
  • It incorporates emergency light, in case of power failure in the farm.
  • High-resolution display for viewing graphics and photos at the highest quality.

Technical specifications of MD color graphic displays

Supply voltage 12-27 Vdc
Emergency power supply voltage 12Vdc
Maximum consumption

  • MD-088
  • MD-090
  • MD-122
  • 0.22 mA at 24 Vdc.
  • 0.36 mA at 24 Vdc.
  • 0.58 mA at 24 Vdc.
Screen resolution

  • MD-088
  • MD-090
  • MD-122
  • 480×272 pixels RGB
  • 800×480 pixels RGB
  • 800×480 pixels RGB
Visible area of the screen

  • MD-088
  • MD-090
  • MD-122
  • 96×55 mm.
  • 152×91 mm.
  • 212×155 mm.
Mechanical dimensions

  • MD-088
  • MD-090
  • MD-122
  • 140x140x25,4 mm.
  • 165x140x29.0 mm.
  • 228x228x44.0 mm.
Operating temperature 0º to 50 ºC
Number of colors 65,535 RGB
Brightness typ. 315 cd/m2
Operation Maneuver or autonomous mode
Communications ports
  • Parallel (optoisolated inputs) 24 Vdc
  • Serial Port
  • RS-232RS-485
  • LINEthernet 10/100 Mb/s
  • CAN
  • USB
  • deviceUSB host
  • Via PC software
  • Operating modes
  • Sequences in case of self-employed
  • Idle backlight level
  • Enabling the buzzer



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Installation manual for stand-alone TFT color MD display


Installation manual for TFT color screen MD maneuvering


Die-cutting plan for the TFT screen button panel model MD088

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Die-cutting drawing for the TFT display keypad model MD090

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Die-cutting drawing for the MD122 model TFT screen keypad.

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