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  • Electronic module for plant information by means of 3 dot matrixes, both in the cabin and outdoors, displays plant information in numbers and/or letters, together with the direction in which the cabin moves rotating in the same direction.
  • 3 Dot matrixes, 7 vertical by 5 horizontal, with a choice of high luminosity red and blue colors, with diffuser dimensions of 55mm horizontal by 40mm vertical.
  • Operation with Elecmegom maneuvers through a wire, it is also possible its operation in standalone mode, and can be installed in any elevator regardless of the maneuver that controls the elevator, communications bus compatible with the rest of our displays, which makes it possible to combine different types of displays in the same installation.
  • With the adaptation to large dies, it can be supplied with 3″ dies or with 5″ dies, in both cases in red color.
  • It includes a buzzer to emit the buzzer in case the elevator is overloaded and when the external door open time is exceeded to indicate the user to close the door, these functions are configurable and can be disabled.
  • If the cabin is overloaded, it indicates SOB intermittently, complying with the regulations that require this situation to be signaled both visually and audibly.
  • In case of an open door or malfunctions, it displays texts describing the status of the elevator and the floor on which it is located.

Technical specifications positional 3 point EM2POS arrays

Supply voltage 24Vdc +/- 15%.
Emergency power supply voltage 12Vdc
Maximum consumption 70 mA at 24Vdc
Matrix dimensions 12.7mm × 17.8mm 0.7″/18mm22.9mm × 39.2mm 1.2″/30mm37.6mm × 53mm 2.0″/50mm dies
Dimensions visible area 55mm × 40mm 0.7″ dies 95mm × 44mm 1.2″ dies 122mm × 58mm 2.0″ dies
Mechanical dimensions 90mm x 72mm dies 0.7″160mm × 72mm dies 1.2″160mm × 72mm dies 2.0″ dies
Operating temperature 0º to 50 ºC
Brightness typ. 200 cd/m2
Operation Maneuver or autonomous mode
  • By means of 3 switches
  • Mode of operation
  • Overload hum
  • Buzzing sound with door open
  • Rotating or fixed texts


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Installation manual EM2POS operation with control

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Installation manual EM2POS stand-alone operation


EM2POS die cutting drawing for small dies 0,7″.

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Die-cutting drawing for EM2POS 1.2″ and 2″ die cutters

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